Thank you for helping us with our Weimaraner Rescue dog, Cody!  We were glad we went through the process with you.  We weren’t sure how things would fold out with Cody, and you helped us bring out the best in a very smart dog that had a hard start in life.  You also gave us good suggestions about correcting our other dog’s behavior when needed, which and very helpful and appreciated.  
Thank you for everything, Troy.

Erik Iverson

Practical and Effective. After adopting Lola from a local pet adoption agency, we realized that she had some behavioral issues that needed to be addressed. My sister had worked with Troy previously (with success) and recommended we give him a try. It was the right decision. From our first meeting, we could tell that Troy really knew his stuff and was passionate about his work. And, Lola really liked him, too. We discussed goals and what we wanted to take away from training. We decided on the 6-session package (a great value) and Troy put together a specific action plan with different exercises and techniques targeted at the behaviors we wanted to address, as well as, goals we wanted to achieve. During and between sessions. we worked with Lola regularly using the techniques and exercises Troy recommended and began to see the results. After the sessions had concluded, Troy was proactive about checking in with us to see how Lola was progressing (and still does) and he is always available for Q & A. We understand that training doesn’t stop with the sessions and will continue to apply what we have learned in the months and years ahead. We share the credit with Troy for some of Lola’s early successes and are confident that she is on a good path. Troy is true professional who is passionate about his work. We consider him our friend and highly recommend his services to anyone who might need some help with their dog.

Chris, Lori, Alex AND Lola!

We just finished the 8 week program with Troy.  I was truly happy and impressed with him, his techniques and his pure love and desire for dogs and to help our situation.  I like his positive reinforcement techniques and guided instruction.  I noticed results with my dog quickly and now I have the tools to continue to help her improve her behavior.  I recommend Troy to others looking for a trainer with a kind heart and someone who encourages you to set goals that you can reach. Wonderful experience for both of us.

Debbie and Izzi Phillips
Betty Sue

Betty Sue

I got started with “scent work” at the Boulder Humane Society when an instructor gave an intro class. We worked on it a bit at home.  Later we found Troy Mills, Guy and a Leash.  He runs classes at all levels, working to make “Find it” and “Search” fun and productive for dogs and their handlers.  It really is great fun for my dogs, Suzi and Betty Sue and me.  We do searches on our hikes in the hills, putting scent tins on trees, on and under rocks and under leaves.

Tom, Betty Sue & Suzi

Thank you so much for helping us with Layla. We see so much improvement since we first started working with you! We are sure that if we continue to use the techniques that you taught us, we will have many amazing years of enjoyment with our sweet girl.

Warmest regards, The Fleming Family



Troy has done an amazing job with Timber- we can finally go for a walk without getting our arm pulled out of its socket! Troy’s enthusiasm made training fun and we saw noticeable improvements from the first lesson. His advice was valuable for “training” us on living with our newly adopted dog. Highly recommended.

Ryan, Anelia & Timber

Miss Maggy & Mr. Morgan

Miss Maggy & Mr. Morgan

My dogs were a nightmare when people would walk into our office lobby. Barking and jumping like mini maniacs. I knew I had to do something or my husband/boss would fire me and ban me and our dogs from our office. I called my Vet to get a recommendation for a trainer that could help Mr. Morgan and Miss Maggy with their behavior issues. I am so glad to have received help from Troy Mills, Guy and a Leash Dog Training. The jumping has virtually stopped and the barking is under much better control. My puppies have learn sit, stay, lay down, come, leave it, puppy pushups and more. Troy trained not only my puppies but me too! Yes, the alpha dog needs to learn a few tricks too in order to manage your dog’s behavior. Thanks Troy for all your help!

Kiki, Miss Maggy & Mr. Morgan

The training experience with Troy at Guy and A Leash was positive.  Troy is compassionate and patient.  My two dogs, Rascal and Annie, are much improved in their behavior and Troy has provided some tools to continue working with them … I would certainly recommend his services to others in need of pet training.

Carol, Annie & Rascal

Omar Little

Omar Little

Guy and a Leash Dog Training came to my rescue! After I adopted a dog, I quickly realized I had no clue what I was doing. Troy Mills came to my house and was fully prepared with any and every question I had for him. He made the entire experience fun and easy! He gave me tips to use when training my dog that have worked wonders! I now have a well-behaved dog that I’m proud to bring in public! Thanks Guy and a Leash!

Molly & Omar Little

NYX and I loved Guy and a Leash’s Intro to Nosework class. It was always a fun and positive atmosphere and Troy gave us wonderful instruction on how to get my dog using her nose with more thought and self-control. I highly recommend this class and Troy is a fantastic trainer.


Hogan & Teo

Hogan & Teo

Teo and I loved the Nose Work class… I have taken many training classes with both dogs and the Nose Work class was by far the most fun we’ve had in a class.

Kristen, Teo & Hogan