The last couple of days while I have been slogging through traffic from one appointment to the next, I have notice a disturbing trend with some drives. Letting you furry friend ride in the driver seat with you hanging his cute little head out the window while driving down the road. I cringe every time I see this and think of what would happen if that individual were to get into an accident or need to make some kind of emergence maneuver with Fido in there lap. First if the air bag was to go off while their dog is in their lap right in front of the steering wheel, the dog would have no chance and the drive would be wearing Fido if they are not seriously hurt by the incident. Second I think of a quick jerk of the wheel and Fido falls out of the window while traveling 60 mph down the high way…I think you get the drift here.

While traveling with our canine friends let keep them safe and us safe at the same time. When you take Fido for a drive keep him in the back of the car, preferable in a seat belt. If he doesn’t like a seat belt you can put a crate in the back of the car for him to ride in. Either way is much safer than in the seat with you as you drive.  What do you think about driving with a dog in your lap?