Proper puppy socialization is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your puppy has a happy and healthy life. tuckerpuppyWell-socialized dogs are more stable, confident and receptive to future training. Socializing can prevent many problem behaviors such as anxiety, jumping, biting, barking, chewing, aggression, etc. Lack of socialization is often the root of many problem behaviors that cause dogs to be relinquished to shelters and potentially euthanized! But this can be easily avoided if you take advantage of the critical period of socialization. Think of it like vaccinating your puppy against potential behavioral problems in his adult life.

What You Need To Know:

  • – The critical period for socialization ends at 12 weeks of age. You’re working against the clock!
  • – More is better! The number of positive experiences your puppy has on a daily basis will directly influence his behavior and stability as an adult.
  • – Keep it POSITIVE! A negative or neutral experience will not do you any good.

What Your Dog Needs Exposure To:

  • – Strange Places
  • – Scary Objects
  • – New People
  • – Other Dogs
  • – Novel Experiences (like car rides, going to the vet, etc.)
  • – Anything else that you want him to be comfortable with, or that he is not typically exposed to

There are lots of ways to help set your puppy up for a bright future! Feel free to ask our trainers any questions you may have and bring your pup to our drop-in Puppy Socialization Classes in Brighton!