Have a Pet-Safe Fourth of July!

Have a Pet-Safe Fourth of July!   We all love summer, especially because the warmer weather allows us to enjoy the great outdoors with our dogs. There are pool parties and barbeques to look forward to as well as the biggest summer holiday of all- Fourth of July. While most people love...

Give Your Puppy A Head Start: The Basics of Puppy Socialization

Proper puppy socialization is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your puppy has a happy and healthy life. Well-socialized dogs are more stable, confident and receptive to future training. Socializing can prevent many problem behaviors such as anxiety, jumping, biting, barking...

Winter Fun for You and Your Dog

As I sit here at my desk on this snowy March day with my dog Merlin curled up at my feet, I can’t help but think that I am so glad he went to doggie day care yesterday.  But if you are not so lucky as to have a tired out dog, here are a

Magical Merlin: Living With a Deaf Dog

Let me bring you up to speed on this amazing dog named Merlin. He wasn’t always Merlin, he started life as Buster and was given up to the Humane Society when he was just five months old. Merlin is a very special puppy; he is deaf and had his right eye removed due to a

Reliable Recall: Having Your Dog Coming To You Every Time

This time of the year we take our dogs everywhere we go, or at least would like to. Unfortunately, most of the time our furry friends have to stay home, unable to take that great hiking adventure. You don’t want to hike with them on leash, because they are just too wild and will pull